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#LunchTimeFriday – 6/1/2022 (3)

by | Jun 1, 2022 | #LunchTimeFriday | 0 comments

#lunchtimefriday from the EmpireState @NYC at a customer appreciation event with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Erin Grohe Christopher Huntley Chris Clark Caio Goncalves ☁ Casey McGuire Alexandra Fotinopoulos Hamilton Yu Rita Gardner Peter Bell John Clavin Sales Community Susie Almaneih

This week Debuts 2 versions of the 8 and 80 video on today’s #career trajectory:

“Make Yourself Proud at 8 and 80 years old” is the first of the 2 below links and features Taos

And was fortunate enough to be inducted into the Rockland Senior High School #halloffame this week and that acceptance is herein (all the speeches are moving and incredible -I’m Into’d at 52:45 of the second link below):



“America Needs Less Bull, and More Bulldog”