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#LunchTimeFriday – 6/1/2022 (2)

Happy #lunchtimefriday!

As a millennial in the IT workforce – you might be wondering things like What’s my next job in IT? Should I resign? Everyone around me is. How do I find work-life balance? How do I become more socially responsible?

But if All you need to focus on is impressing two people. Who? Your best friends? Your parents? Your spouse?

Naw. It’s yourself as An 8-year-old And as… An 80-year-old

Learn More about how to make yourself proud as an 8 and an 80-year-old!


#LunchTimeFriday – 6/1/2022 (7)


In the words of one of my many mentors Harry Dixon “Grohe, you’ve been good to Cleveland, and Cleveland has been good to you”

Sorry the lighting is not the best, but an incredible time with 2 of my very favorite customers from my time as an account executive (best job eva) Thomas M. Tabor and Andy Balazs helping Sam Gilberd find his way in the #216 #440 and #330 Taos IBM

Finally got to share the reason why Erin Grohe was born on 2/15 and not #ValentinesDay and got to hear the first hand benefits of walking on hot coals Dell EMC #CoolMoss #customercentricity #SenseofUrgency

Be the person your 8 year old self and 80 year old self would be proud of every day every hour!


#LunchTimeFriday – 6/1/2022 (6)


Thanks to our great friends at HashiCorp the #Cloud is getting easier to #Automate.

If you need a proven partner to implement HashiCorp, Taos IBM has more certified and proven track record successful #ROI engagements than anyone with #Terraform!

As always we offer agnostic #CHOICE across Amazon Web Services (AWS) Microsoft Azure Cloud and Google Cloud



#LunchTimeFriday – 6/1/2022 (4)


>100,000 views and growing thank you!
Why Taos? Video: https://lnkd.in/g_Eenh_M

Thanks Brad Richey Brandon Sweeney Bill Lewis Ready to add flexible automation? | Taos & HashiCorp: https://lnkd.in/eKkJVZq6

SPJ Have your start up scale and thrive! https://lnkd.in/eR7PxCQZ


#LunchTimeFriday – 6/1/2022 (3)

#lunchtimefriday from the EmpireState @NYC at a customer appreciation event with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Erin Grohe Christopher Huntley Chris Clark Caio Goncalves ☁ Casey McGuire Alexandra Fotinopoulos Hamilton Yu Rita Gardner Peter Bell John Clavin Sales Community Susie Almaneih

This week Debuts 2 versions of the 8 and 80 video on today’s #career trajectory:

“Make Yourself Proud at 8 and 80 years old” is the first of the 2 below links and features Taos

And was fortunate enough to be inducted into the Rockland Senior High School #halloffame this week and that acceptance is herein (all the speeches are moving and incredible -I’m Into’d at 52:45 of the second link below):



“America Needs Less Bull, and More Bulldog”


#LunchTimeFriday – 6/1/2022 (5)

Happy #lunchtimefriday

Taos can plan, build, and even run your AI and ML data pipelines through the DataOps Now service and long-standing partnerships with Qlik and Snowflake.

With over 600 consultants, and industry-leading technical interview process, and proficiency with Qlik and Snowflake, Taos, an IBM company, can make your business transformation a reality.

#taos #qlik #snowflake #ai #businesstransformation

Learn More:


#LunchTimeFriday – 5/1/2022 (9)

Happy #lunchtimefriday!

Are your ready to solve your own digital transformation problem?

Google Cloud from Taos is your way to gain a competitive control over your digital environment.

#cloud #digitaltransformation #googlecloud #taos #ibm

Learn more:


#LunchTimeFriday – 5/1/2022 (10)

Introducing @Arlo.theSheepaDoodle to the #lunchtimefriday posts
Thanks Olivia Grohe for working through Arlo’s PR people to allow this cross platform post with Instagram #Nantasket #SantaCruz
As Sales Community Sales Enablement Society Taos IBM Google Cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS) Microsoft Azure Cloud have experienced:
#WhiteboardExplainer videos work to amplify your customer #BusinessOutcome value messages. Internally and externally.
Why Taos?: https://lnkd.in/g_Eenh_M

Has over 104,750 views now!

Learn How You Can Bring ROI Value with Decision Link’s ValueCloud & Taos: https://lnkd.in/gkzDjwny Tim Page Georgeanna Westmoreland Jackie Liney Shannon Seidl

ServIQ & Taos to the rescue to help with your applications: https://lnkd.in/gRCXkjm5 Jeff Reale Andrew Reardon Joe Reardon

Google Managed Services:


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