#LunchTimeFriday – 7/1/2022 (79)
Published July 1, 2022
Author Ken Grohe


Do you have the #needforspeed? To propel planning for your 2H GTM?

2 secrets that have not changed since 1986 (full disclosure I did with #TopGun from EMC back when the original top gun came out)

Quality #ABM intent outreach to those that have pain that fit the persona of your unique value proposition (UVP)

And once that discovery meeting happens:

#Justification, justification, justification (always by #ROI and payback period including change management impact) to get the desired #BusinessOutcome even in economic uncertainty and inflation

Typically across 5 wide and 3 deep to get your solution approved

What else Is there?

Sales Community Taos IBM feedback?