Published January 27, 2023
Author Ken Grohe

Such a role model playing with Jerry Rice Fleming Shi BJ Jenkins Pasatiempo Golf Club recently

#GOATFuel rules

Incredible watching how generous #80 was with every single member, employee, fan, & especially young person who came by to spend a moment with him.

All about giving back!

So it’s time for me to-

I’ll pay for the first 10 organizations who want to accomplish a #datadiagnostic, as #covid19 changed remote work forever. In a recent #CRO survey only 31% of contacts are correct in your CRM-what are the #BDRs calling then? How much precious time is being wasted?

Average results from this data diagnostic lift is to over 64% with email and mobile #accuracy enhancements.

Click below to accomplish that improvement for #2023