Published August 8, 2023
Author Ken Grohe

From Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit NYC

2 suggestions if you are newer to IT sales

load up your Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursdays every week with #customers, customers, customers and load up all the internal requirements on Monday and Fridays when customers are less likely to meet – physically or virtually

If you are seasoned to IT sales, leave a 2 hour gap in a loaded day if in a city where you have pending business and contacts in that location for ad hoc meetings and a simple 15 min walk through the show to “feel” the momentum-

what’s next?

#watsonx presentations were over flowing as was #applicationmodernization by IBM Consulting
Fortinet had the most traffic and
WEKA needs a bigger booth next time #OverFlowing
Datadog has momentum
Dynatrace is a rising star
Amazon Web Services (AWS) won the post session mixers